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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Puppy Countdown Begins ...

Puppy Countdown Begins....

This week was MEGA exciting for so many reasons, the main reason being that I got to see my puppy for the last time before we pick her up for good. I am beyond excited to finally bring her home, although the timing is not the best (she arrives 16 days before my first exam). That being said this is something that my partner and I had always wanted to do. So without further adieu may I introduce the lady herself ..

It was 100% love at first site and I cant wait for all the walks, training, chewing and pooping that are to follow. For the past 6 weeks I've been puppy proofing our little house for a our new arrival, which has meant lots of toy shopping, researching and stealing my nephews stair gate. 

Apart from that this week has involved a lot of  much needed revising(in my super cute home office) and tv watching,( big shout out to the new Stacey Dooley documentary (give her stuff a watch she is amazing). So in between all the land law revision, puppy research, working both jobs and my 3 other modules life has been fairly hectic. So tomorrow means a much needed night off with my girls for some dinner. face masks and bubbly! Even More exciting *drum roll* the boy turns 27 this weekend which means lots of gin, presents and BBQ (and embarrassing photos)

See you all next week 
Lady Law Student xx

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