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Wednesday, 27 July 2016

Pay Day Treats

Twinkle lights, lashes and cushions


Its pay day (woohoo) and its taking all my strength not to press checkout on my ASOS wish list, so instead of spending horrible amounts on 100's of white t-shirts and midi skirts I decided to venture into town and pick up some budget treats. Hopefully this will quieten the inner shopping demon (mines very large and very persistent). 

First of all apparently I live under a rock, this is the only conclusion that possibly makes sense as I have never ventured into the Homeware section of Primark . I love Primark PJ's, socks, and makeup bags so its beyond me why I never ventured to Homeware, so today I finally did..and WOW!! 

Homeware Treats

Cushion - £5.00

Hello Sign - £12.00

Rose Fairy Lights - £6.00

Cushion, lights, and hello lights

Candle - £1.50
How cute are these little treats, the home ware section in the Leicester Primark isn't the largest but I still managed to find plenty of goodies to take home with me. I'm obsessed with cushions and once I saw this I had to have it for my little office/study/spare room, I plan on spending more time studying at home than the library this year so I'm trying to make my study cosy as possible. 

 Next i picked up this adorable little Hello sign, this one was the last one left so I popped into my basket before anyone else could. This is now proudly sat on my desk looking all twinkly and lovely, the best part is that the its battery powered which means you can place them wherever you want without worrying where the nearest socket is (also potential wedding decoration idea). 

Finally I picked some lovely rose fairy lights and this sea salt and lavender candle, I love candles and I have lots of sweet and pretty Yankee candles. So I wanted to pick up something a bit fresher, this has a very clean scent and isn't overpowering. 

Makeup Haul 

After a spent hours lusting over homeware in Primark I popped across the street to Superdrug and Boots. As I'm trying to save for my final year my beloved Clinique Beyond Perfecting Foundation is being rationed, so Ive been looking for a high street foundation for day-to-day wear. I (like most people) am a big big fan of NYX cosmetics, they have the best matte lip creams and I use their contour palette pretty much every day...so I thought why not try out the foundation. 

Fingers crossed this is as good as there other products, I also picked up the lasting perfection concealer from collection. Ive heard the most amazing reviews about the concealer so I thought lets see if its worth the hype. 

Finally I picked up an eyeshadow palette from Sleek, I never never never wear eyeshadow but I really want to experiment more with eye makeup (my current routine is mascara...thats it!!). The shades in this palate are neutral and golds which Im hoping will suit my blue eyes. In light of making more an effort with my eye makeup I also picked up some false eyelashes in Superdrug, I can't wait to try them out this weekend. 

Sorry this is such a long post, hope you've enjoyed having a look through my little hauls, let me know what you pick up this week or if you have any of these products. As always you can follow my FB page Lady Law Student or on Blog Lovin. Sending lots of Leicester love and cuddles to you all. 

Lady Law Student 




  1. Ahhhh love these!! The homeware stuff looks so cute!! And the Sleek eyeshadow palette - I've been wanting to try that out for ages! x


    1. I can't believe how cute the Primark homeware section is. So far I'm absolutely loving the sleek palette I highly recommend it. :) xx

  2. I so love the light up hello sign! I've just gone to amazon and stuck a light up C in my basket, haha!

    Corinne x

    1. Its so cute, they have loads of other ones in there. Hope your "C" looks good, I'm loving light up letters at the moment :)