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Sunday, 24 July 2016

Paddling Pools, Sunny Walks and Spaniels

Hello all you beautiful people, I hope you've all been enjoying the sunshine this week doesn't it feel like summer has finally arrived? I really hope its here to stay, please pretty please be here to stay. I really love living in the city in the summer, mainly for one reason...GELATO. Leicester has turned into such a Gelato hub its amazing. I especially recommend checking out Gelato Village

Paddling Pool

 I've spent a lot of time this week sat in a paddling pool in my back garden in an attempt to keep Bramble and me cool ( and splashing around like a big kid). 

Paddling Pool

Budget Swimming Pool

Bramble keeping cool

I love this paddling pool, I bought it from Amazon a few months ago for the puppy to splash around in when it gets too hot, and Ive finally been able to crack it out. I absolutely love it and so does she, we spent most of Tuesday and Wednesday splashing around and enjoying the sun. My neighbours were no doubt looking out of their windows thinking "what a strange strange girl she is" but quite frankly I don't care :).

Sunday Walks

My favourite day of the weekend is Sundays, yea sure Saturdays are great and you can spend the day shopping, lunching, exploring and seeing friends. However, I much prefer lazy Sundays with Simon and Bramble. We've been trying to explore more of Leicestershire recently, its got so many hidden gems that are worth a look. So this week we made the short drive to Groby and went for a walk around its beautiful countryside. 

Dapper Chappy

Country walks

Bramble and Simon

Groby Pool

I love going on unplanned walks where you just find your way around and don't follow a set path. Bramble absolutely loved bouncing around in the long grass and splashing through some streams. However if you do visit Groby Pool make sure you don't let your dogs (or yourselves) into the actual pool as it has Blue Green Algae which can make you both very poorly.

There are still lots of lovely streams that your dog can splash around in to keep nice and cool, so I highly recommend taking a trip down there. 

Hope your all enjoying your Sunday, let me know what your favourite thing to do on a Sunday is. Don't forget you can follow my FB page Lady Law Student and on Blog Lovin (if your on there). Enjoy the rest of your Sunday, sending lots of Leicester cuddles to you all. 

Lady Law Student