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Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Puppy Countdown Begins ...

Puppy Countdown Begins....

This week was MEGA exciting for so many reasons, the main reason being that I got to see my puppy for the last time before we pick her up for good. I am beyond excited to finally bring her home, although the timing is not the best (she arrives 16 days before my first exam). That being said this is something that my partner and I had always wanted to do. So without further adieu may I introduce the lady herself ..

It was 100% love at first site and I cant wait for all the walks, training, chewing and pooping that are to follow. For the past 6 weeks I've been puppy proofing our little house for a our new arrival, which has meant lots of toy shopping, researching and stealing my nephews stair gate. 

Apart from that this week has involved a lot of  much needed revising(in my super cute home office) and tv watching,( big shout out to the new Stacey Dooley documentary (give her stuff a watch she is amazing). So in between all the land law revision, puppy research, working both jobs and my 3 other modules life has been fairly hectic. So tomorrow means a much needed night off with my girls for some dinner. face masks and bubbly! Even More exciting *drum roll* the boy turns 27 this weekend which means lots of gin, presents and BBQ (and embarrassing photos)

See you all next week 
Lady Law Student xx

Sunday, 10 April 2016

A stands for April and Adele

A is for April and Adele

The start of this month was pretty special as I got to go see Adele live with my Canadian Soul Sister, it was quite literally one of the most incredible nights. Even though second year exams are just around the corner sometimes you need to take a night off and let your hair down, which we certainly did. Adele is one the funniest and most talented performs I've ever seen, granted the last gig I went to the lead singer threw up into a towel and threw into the the crowd so she didn't exactly have much competition.
Me and the Canadian Soul Sister. 

However this does mean that I've had to hit the books hard to catch back up after our weekend off, so in the spirit of this here are some handy revision tips. 

 1. Coffee is great but don't over load on it otherwise you wont get enough sleep for the next day. I swap to green tea in the afternoons to keep my self going.
2. Wear something comfy to the library if your in there for a long time you want to be comfy and relaxed. Sure that pencil skirt looks cute but are you really going to be comfortable in it.
3. Gym breaks are a huge help, sometimes a quick gym session can revive a wiped out brain.
4. Mix it up, don't drill away a topic if its getting you down, Switch it up and come back to it when your owning another topic (that confidence will do wonders)
5. Plan your revision snacks, take some apples and bananas instead of bags of sweets (you'll thank me me later)
6. Take a break every now and then, just go for a walk around another floor or out of the building so you don't get cabin fever.
7. Drinks lots of water, a hydrated brain is a happy brain!
8. Cheer your friends on, if they are struggling and down remind them how awesome they are. What goes around comes around.
9. Don't compare your self to others, its not worth it don't do it. We've all got our strengths just because someone seems super together doesn't mean that they aren't worried too.
10. Dungarees make great pencil cases

Good luck with revision everyone :)

Wednesday, 6 April 2016


To quote Adele "Hello its me"

Hello, I'm a second year law student trying hard to pass exams and avoid revision at the same time, trust me when I say that this is a job in its self. Shock horror I'm also a mature student ( I know I look so youthful) working two jobs to pay for a chronic shopping, baking, reading, makeup and cushion habit! 

While sat on my bed, a few days ago, in my favorite sushi pj's surrounded by EU text books and notes I decided to start a blog, I thought to my self why procrastinate with Netflix when I can write it all down in a blog and look back over my time at uni in a few years. I guess I should tell you a few things about my self before we get started;
  1. My Name is Cat
  2. I own the cutest cocker spaniel called Bramble Lidi
  3. I'm 26 soon to be 27 (hello mini life crisis) 
  4. I study law with the hope of being a solicitor 
  5. I love baking but don't really like cakes that much
  6. Shopping is therapy 
  7. Makeup is like dressing up everyday and I love it
  8. I try to be a gym bunny but I suck at it
  9. Nature documentaries are my crack!
  10. I cant spell, if I had to live without spell check I'd be in trouble. 
  11. Ebay shopping is a way of life. 
  12. Reading is one of my favorite hobbies
  13. Instagram is far superior to Facebook
  14. I love the color grey (if i could I'd paint my whole house grey)
  15. Complete and utter Lush addict 
  16. Part Welsh and so proud of it 
  17. Stationary addict
  18. Scared of the dark
  19. Salted caramel is the best flavour
  20. Coffee. Love it!