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Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Getting ready for Uni

Tomorrow see's the start of September which means that its only 4 more weeks until University starts, 4 short weeks. Trust me when I say that those weeks will fly by, soon you will be packing up your car, or your parents car or who ever has been tasked with the job of transporting you safely to your chosen University. So what top tips can I pass on to you for your first, second or even third year at university. 

  1. Buy a planner - or in short get your self organised, you will need to manage your time well so pick up a planner or use your phone calendar to sort out your first few weeks. The first two weeks of University are jam packed full of exciting events to meet lots of new people (potentially some of your best friends for the rest of your life!!), so make sure you drag your hungover self down to some events and meet people
  2. Join a society - there is literally a society for every single hobby, sport, or subject you can think of, and if there isn't you can start you own. I made sure I joined the Law Society in first year and it was the best decision. They not only have their own sports teams, they also put on the yearly Law Ball and run all the competitions you will want to take part in. 
  3. Talk to people - it is so scary walking into your first lecture and not knowing a single person, you open the doors and 400 people are staring back at you. Do you know what makes that less scary...knowing people in the crowd. I'm terrible at biting the bullet and speaking to people, so luckily a lovely chatty Yorkshire gin lover plonked her self down next me and broke the ice! That lovely Gin fiend is still one of my close friends today (so thanks Laura for breaking the ice!)
  4. Make the most of the extra curricular activities - I've mentioned before that its no longer enough to just have a degree, you need to show employers that your different from all the other graduates. The best way to do this is to bump up your CV with competitions, societies and work experience. The Law Society at Leicester put on tonnes of competitions each year, from mooting to client interviewing their is competition for every legal skill set that you will need. So dive in, put your name down on the list and have some fun!!
  5. Find the Facebook Groups - Most University's will have a Facebook group for not only your subject but also each individual year. Click that join button because not only will you meet your course mate you will find those valuable second and third years to buy your second hand books from. 

So there you have it my 5 top tips for preparing your self for the start of Uni, it will be the most exciting, interesting and challenging (in a good way) years of your life. If you take the time to get involved you will certainly reap the rewards. Let me know your top tips for starting Uni, or if your starting Leicester or studying Law this year. 

Sending Leicester cwtches. 

Lady Law Student 

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