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Wednesday, 17 August 2016

August's BirchBox and Love Me Beauty

I love the start of the month, for so many reasons, but the main reason is it means my subscription boxes arrives woohoo, and I get to trial some new products. This month I stuck with BirchBox and Love Me Beauty, mainly because I love the range of products in each and the fact they are slightly different. The Love Me Beauty Box works slightly differently from BirchBox, due to the fact that you pick the products that you will receive. 

So heres what I got in each box....


First of all I wasn't overly keen on the packaging this week purely for the fact that I own a lot of makeup bags already and I really don't need any more. That being said it is a good makeup bag and will be useful if your going on holiday, however I hope they go back to the boxes next month.After the highs of getting a spectrum makeup brush last month I was super excited to see what would be in this months box.  

This months box is more focused on skincare and hair than makeup, so inside we have *drum roll*.
Anatomicals Coconut Mango Body Lotion - I love the smell of this lotion, I am a big fan of mango so I was really happy to see this when I opened my box/bag. It absorbs into the skin really well without leaving a sticky residue and makes your skin beautiful smooth. - £3.99

Philip Kingsley One More Day  - Dry shampoo is always useful in my home so far I haven't used this but I'm sure it will be good. I try not to wash my hair too often as it strips the oils out of your hair so dry shampoo is always good to get me few the last day before I wash my hair. - £14.50

Balance Me - Radiance Face Mask - At least twice a week I slather my skin in a face mask so I'm always happy to receive a face mask, the blurb on the website makes the face mask sound great so we shall see. - £18.00

Marcelo Espresso  Eye Liner - It is very very very rare that I wear eyeliner, I'm not good at applying it and I feel like once I've got it on that it looks like I've got way too much makeup on. That being said I am going to try it I think the brown shade may be more natural on me so fingers crossed I'll be converted. - £10.50

Merci Handy - Cherry - Hand sanitiser is always a good thing to have in your hand bag, who knows when you'll be stuck somewhere that doesn't have any soap etc. The smell isn't as overpowering as a I thought it would be so this little fella shall be moved to my handbag immediately. 

English Laundry Perfume - For a long time I have used nothing but the Gucci Gardenia (which I love love) this perfume is sweeter than that but I do really like this one. The smell transports me to a French Chateau with the curtains blowing open (no idea why...literally not a clue), its a very sweet smell which reminds me of flowers in bloom. I don't think i'll be purchasing it but its nice to try. - Full size £60.00

So in full I was pretty happy I definitely feel like I got my moneys worth this month, I just hope next month they bring back the box (pretty please BirchBox). 

Love Me Beauty

Within a day of my BirchBox arriving my lovely Love Me Beauty Box arrived (wahoooo), like I said above you get to pick the products you receive so in theory I should always be happy. This month I picked more skincare products than makeup, so heres what I picked. 

Perfectly Perfecting Wonder Balm  - I tried this in my hair yesterday and so far so good, I try and look after my hair as much as possible, my hair dresser Sacha at Georges Leicester  is amazing so I try and keep her work looking good. After blowdrying my hair yesterday it definitely felt more manageable and smooth so...so far...good. - £18.00

Pixie Nourishing Lip Polish - My lips can get really dry sometimes and I'm also a huge fan of matte lips so these two things combined means I have to look after my lips. I've been using this for a few days and have been very happy with the results, it exfoliates off any dry skin and nourishes your lips so big thumbs up from me. - £14.00

Madeira Cellular Repair Serum - Last month I received a serum and I was so happy with the way it made my skin feel ( I have officially been converted to the joys of serums). This one is a scary green colour that blends in once it is rubbed in, it leaves my skin feeling matte which I love. My skin has been looking and feeling much better so this one was a win. - £38.00

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse Oil - How beautiful is this oil..seriously look at it!! I put this on to my skin and immediately thought yes yes yes (sounds a bit Harry met Sally). This creates the most beautiful shimmer effect so I shall be saving this for Rome when hopefully I shall have a tan (lol probably more like a cooked lobster but a girl can dream). This oil can also be used in your hair, which I haven't tried yet, but hopefully it will look amazing. - £19.00

So all in all I was pretty happy with my boxes this month, let me know what you got or if you've used any of the products before. Hopefully your all enjoying your week, and if your not this post brightens your Wednesday a little bit. As always you can subscribe, follow me on BlogLovin, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Sending huge Leicester hugs to you all.  

Lady Law Student 



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